Live Crustaceans & Mollusks

  LIVE Maine Lobsters LIVE Blue Crabs LIVE King Clams  
  LIVE Spiny Lobsters LIVE Dungeness Crabs LIVE Manila Clams  
  LIVE Abalone LIVE Kona Crabs LIVE Cherrystone Clams  
  LIVE Periwinkle (Pipipi) LIVE Samoan Crabs LIVE Littleneck Clams  
  LIVE Bisocol (Apple Snails) LIVE Hawaiian Prawns LIVE Cockles (N.Z. Clams)  
  LIVE Octopus LIVE Pacific Oysters
and more!

Frozen Crustaceans & Mollusks

  FROZEN Alaskan King Crab Legs FROZEN Lobster Tails FROZEN Abalone  
  FROZEN Snow Crab Legs FROZEN Shirmps FROZEN Scallops  
  FROZEN Softshell Crab FROZEN Prawns FROZEN Opihi  
  FROZEN Green-lip Mussels FROZEN Squid FROZEN Alligator  
  FROZEN Black Mussels FROZEN Octopus (Tako) raw or cooked FROZEN Crawfish  
and more!
Subject to availability. Some items are seasonal.
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