Fresh Local Whole Fish

  FRESH Aawa FRESH Maiko FRESH Onaga  
  FRESH Aha Aha FRESH Mamo FRESH Ono  
  FRESH Aholehole FRESH Manini FRESH Opakapaka  
  FRESH Akule FRESH Menpachi FRESH Opelu  
  FRESH Awa Awa FRESH Moana Kali FRESH Palani  
  FRESH Aweo FRESH Moano FRESH Papio  
  FRESH Enenue FRESH Mu FRESH Pualu  
  FRESH Flounder FRESH Mullet FRESH Taape  
  FRESH Gindai FRESH Nabeta FRESH Toau  
  FRESH Hinalea FRESH Nae Nae FRESH Uhu  
  FRESH Kala FRESH Nohu FRESH Ulua  
  FRESH Kali Kali FRESH Oio FRESH Weke  
  FRESH Kumu FRESH Omaka FRESH Weke Ula  
and more!

Fresh Airflown Whole Fish

  FRESH Catfish FRESH Mullet FRESH Tai  
  FRESH Flounder FRESH Red Snapper FRESH Trout  
and more!
Subject to availability. Some items are seasonal.
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